Local 207

About Us

We are a mixed local which handles all positions of Ironworker skills


  • Unload and erect fabricated steel to form the project skeleton
  • Work primarily on industrial, commercial and large residential buildings
  • Build towers, bridges, stadiums and pre-engineered buildings
  • Erect and install pre-cast beams, columns and panels


  • Fabricate and place rebar in concrete forms to reinforce structures - (bridge decks, footings, foundations, walls etc…)
  • Place rebar on appropriate supports and tie them together with tie wire
  • Install post-tensioning cables to place in concrete forms along reinforcing steel
  • Stress the cables using hydraulic jacks and pumps after the concrete is poured and cured


  • Install and erect metal stairways, handrail, catwalks, gratings, doors, fencing, building entrances etc.
  • Erect curtain wall and window wall systems that cover the steel or reinforced concrete of a building

Rigging & Machinery Moving:

  • Load, unload, move and set machinery, structural steel, transformers, specialty and critical lifts
  • Have knowledge of wire rope (chokers & cables), hoisting equipment, calculating weights
  • Proper hand signals

Welding & Burning:

  • Welding and burning equipment are considered tools of the trade
  • Ironworkers are tested & certified on different procedures of welding

Mill Maintenance:

  • Perform work at mills, plant facilities during outages and emergency repairs

Becoming an Ironworker involves a four year apprenticeship program resulting into a Journeyman Ironworker that is qualified to work the trade and has the skills.